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Words can have incredible power, which is one reason why blogging is the secret ingredient to any comprehensive digital marketing recipe. It is a multi-purpose marketing tool every business should be utilizing.

Each blog article is an indexable page on your website that increases your page authority and ranking within Google’s algorithm. Each article’s content should also be aimed at helping and educating your target audience about your industry, products, and services, which in turn makes you a thought leader whose words people value and trust.

3 Simple Steps to Begin Blogging

Starting a blog is as easy as 1-2-3. If you have ever considered blogging, you should stop thinking about it and start doing it—here’s how.

#1 Getting Setup

Prior to writing engaging content, you need to create a space to house all your blog articles. You will need to setup your blog’s URL structure and decide which blog platform you will use, whether it be WordPress, Blogger, etc.

You should also give your content direction and purpose by identifying your audience and goals. Once you’ve done that, you can create an editorial calendar to map and plan the frequency and topics of each blog article in advance. If you aren’t sure what topics to write about, reflect on pain points your customers typically have, and you can also do some keyword research using free tools, like Google Ads Keyword Planner, to get insight on what content you can rank for best.

getting setup for blogging

#2 Writing Your Content

Once you have setup your blog and mapped out your upcoming blog articles, you can start on the fun part—writing them. Writing can take a bit of time, so you may elect to hire someone who can dedicate the time to write and manage your blog in addition to optimizing them for search engines. Be sure that you are publishing compelling and valuable content and include an opportunity for your reader to take a next step, such as contacting you or downloading a related guide or infographic.

writing content

#3 Analyzing the Metrics

When you have three blogs drafted and optimized, you are ready to launch your blog, which leads us to the last step on your blogging adventure—analyzing the metrics. You should track and analyze your blog’s success and optimize where you can. A couple of surface-level metrics to evaluate could include the bounce rate and blog views.

Plan. Blog. Repeat!

Don’t stop your blogging momentum. Publishing three articles is just the beginning! Keep your audience updated on all things in your industry and company by publishing consistently. Whether you need help getting started or continuing your blogging journey, we can help. Contact Fern Street Strategic Marketing to help you plan, blog, and repeat.